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2383: The Carrier Group One and the USS Swiftsure are stranded 50,000 light years from home. On the other side of a collapsed wormhole is the mysterious United Terra --- 2384: Personnel is able to translift through the wormhole to Starbase Perseus. United Terra becomes the Headquarters of the Alliance formed to defend against the Kell menace --- 2385: Commodore Chapman and the Swiftsure Senior Staff are reassigned to the USS Poseidon. --- 2386: The Kells have been repelled. The Poseidon travels through Vortex Albacar to explore the White River expanse. What new mysteries will they unveil over this one year mission?

USS Shran and USS Tethys - Carrier Group One



Crew of the USS Poseidon
USS Poseidon NCC 89515
SS Freedom - Outer Perseus Operation
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USS Swiftsure NCC 26543

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The USS Poseidon - Carrier Group One RPG is a Star Trek PBEM simulation featuring the adventures of the Sovereign class USS Poseidon NCC 89515, flag starship of Carrier Group One and the Outer Perseus Operation.

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The Federation year is 2386. The Kells have been repelled. Across the Poseidon's area of operation, the young Alliance engages in active rebuilding and sets out to become an interstellar power of its own. While Federation diplomats lend help from the Federation Cube, the Poseidon returns to active exploration by using a newfound vortex opening into the White River, an isolated stellar expanse located several hundred light years coreward. Their one year mission: to find a vortex leading further homewards while mapping the unknown territory - on the other side of the Rabbit Hole.

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General mission orders are unchanged: to carry out their mission of exploration and diplomacy on the other side of a partially collapsed wormhole - 50.000 LY from home! A lot has been accomplished in the course of three years. But the outer Perseus arm of the galaxy is ripe with surprises.
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The USS Poseidon NCC 89515 is a free PBM Star Trek RPG part of the Sixth Fleet.

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