Ensign Kane Katarn, Science Officer

Astrophysics - Astronomy - Stellar & Planetary evolution

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Place of Birth Ktaria VII



Date of Birth February 11, 2360



Marital Status Single



Eyes Blue


1m66 / 5' 5"

Weight 65 kg / 143 lbs
Skin Tone White Physique Normal build


Ktarians have distinctive foreheads divided into two hemispheres and distinctive eyes with horizontally slit pupils.
As an individual, Kane Katarn tends to step back from social interaction.


Mother Adara Katarn
Father Kane Ereus

Siblings Sisters – Menera [19 years], Alona [21 years], Niorna [23 years]. Brothers – Adaor [20 years], Maalack [28years].


Personal Profile

Traits, Quirks

Likes to work in silence and without haste. When he is in a stressful situation Kane begins to act a bit chaotic and disorganized. When he is in a good mood, or needs to cheer up he often hums to himself. When he finds something interesting, or something worthy of further studies, he begins to speak to himself over possible outcomes.



At most he likes his job, and that is his greatest interest. Beyond this he likes good, classical music and books to read on the pillow. A glass of good wine isn’t a bad idea then.



He wants to reach the rank which could give him command of a science ship, that he could lead to the unknown and unexplored regions of space.



Books, science and fine food – from many worlds. He also is fascinated with the history of other worlds, their evolution, stellar systems formation etc. Everything that has something to do with planets and stars.



Loud places and people. Doesn’t like crowds and opened areas. Still, at most he stays away from heights and battles.



Fast thinking and determination in his work.



Likes to be appreciated and is “the man” when he finds or knows something no one else has found about.



Technology, science, astronomy – mostly planetology and stellar composition



Federation Standard - Ktarian


Personal History


Kane was born in Nyria, a desert continent of his homeworld, during his parents’ studies of the region in order to better understand desert regions of the planet. He was the first child of Adara and Kane, his father after whom he was named. Adara, his mother is an appreciated hologram designer, while his father is now on retirement and serves the government as sometimes advisor and consultant.

After his sister Niorna was born, only one year after him, Kane grow up with the feeling he was responsible for her and his other siblings. That made him a very responsible and rather boring person. This came up with his isolation during his studies, that he began because the wish of his parents not to detract from the tradition of his father's family– where all first born males were, and are, scientists.

Under such a request he agreed and entered the Starfleet Academy. He became very “obsessed” with the idea of exploration, travel and discovery of unknown worlds and species. Just then, during his training Kane understood the real reasons of being a scientist, and that he alone wanted it from the beginning, just didn’t new about it beforehands.


Medical Profile

Medical/Psychological Report

Kane Katarn is in good health and fit for duty.

- Dr. Martin Paulsen, CMO, USS Poseidon




Starfleet Academy - Sciences


Service Record


Alpha Centauri VII colony - research on the development of flora adaptation on the colony.



Transferred to the USS Swiftsure on his request, reassigned to the USS Poseidon upon arrival in Outer Perseus.


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Companion of Honour
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