Lieutenant Sultana Moffet, Science Officer / USS Tethys, Prometheus class, Carrier Group One

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Sultana Moffet



Place of Birth Merryon Mountains, Victoria Colony



Date of Birth 2353


29 (biological), 32 (official)

Marital Status Single



Eyes Blue


1m77 / 5' 10"

Weight 72 kg / 159 lbs

Skin Tone


Physique Strong build


Tall, athletic, no-nonsense woman with a mind and personality of her own.

Special Traits

Her biological and official ages differ. See Service Records.



Father enstranged


Personal Profile

Traits, Quirks



Picking up readings at random, chasing after cheap mementos and memorabilia, any straightforward form of exercise (meaning nothing that involves a complex rule system)



She is right where she wants to be, doing what she wants to do.



A good laugh, work well done



The know-it-all type



Good memory, quick learner, physically resilient



A certain lack of refinement



Moutain, survival



Federation Standard


Personal History

Childhood and adolescence

Sultana was born in the Merryon Mountains, in a small community called "Merryon Heights" whose main activity is to provide rare wood for the region's famed export of delicate woodwork throughout the quadrant. Her name was handed down from her Great grandmother, who owed it to the fact that her own father's favorite mare was called Sultana.

Sultana is the 4th child of 6, 2 girls and 4 boys in all. The saddest event of her childhood was the departure of her eldest brother Yonn. After a heavy argument with his father, he left the house never to return and enlisted in Starfleet, the first in generations of Moffets to leave Victoria.

Her schooling was done alongside her siblings and numerous cousins. Thanks to a quick mind she was easily bored and therefore noted as a troublemaker, more often found wandering by herself trying to tame small animals than sitting on the school benches. Other favorite activities included inventing coded writing systems, or ransacking the school library for odd bits that she would then devour in the most unlikely places.

She completed her education ahead of time (15) and claimoured to be apprenticed rather than to withstand the boring Federation long distance schooling her teacher had in mind for her.

Her best friend at all times was her (twice remote) cousin Nianne, who seemed to be her opposite - almost as tall, but slender, pretty and making good use of her charm to get her way. Although Sultana was forever accused of leading her into mischief, Nianne would often land herself or her friends in trouble, Sultana then coming to the rescue and taking the blame.

When she reached 16, one such adventure came to tragic outcome as a teenager drowned in a stream. Although it wasn't her responsibility, Sultana was sent away to the seaside border at the foot of the mountains.

In the seaside resort, regularly graced by otherworlder tourists from the quadrant, Sultana finally discovered that horizons stretched far beyond Merryon Heights. She quickly left her master apprentice to money her services with tourists during the high season, helping as construction worker for steady income. Willing and a hard worker, she quickly rose among the team at the expense of a few rough brushes with coworkers.

It was over one of them that she became close to Paan. Together, they decided to contract themselves on the third moon, where most of the planet's meager spatial docks and industries were. With Paan in hospital for a couple weeks following an incident on the construction site, Sultana went alone. As time went by and Paan kept pushing back the date of his arrival, she scraped a living by spending long rotations maneuvering work bees around space ships in need of repairs.

It took a charitable cousin to inform her that Paan had met Nianne and that they were getting engaged. On the same day, Sultana came back to her homeworld, took down Paan with her best punching fist, wrecked Nianne's room while the terrified young woman hid in a closet - and made it back to the moon just in time to get passage on a Starfleet ship. She made up her mind to enlist before they had arrived to destination.

Over the years, Sultana served on several starships including the USS Arizona, Intel Class (semi-classified) and the USS Arizona-A. When the latter was decommissioned, she was transferred to the USS Swiftsure.

At the end of 2384, Sultana suffered a brain injury during the 'Vermillion incident' while serving on the USS Swiftsure in Outer Perseus. Surgery was 98% successful but upon recovery, Sultana's character was somewhat more accomodable and she felt the time had come to set new goals for herself.

Early in 2385, she put an end to her relationship with Dr Martin Paulsen and asked to transfer to officer ranks. She went on serving as a Science Officer on the USS Tethys, part of Carrier Group One, Outer Perseus Operation. Mid 2385 she transferred on the USS Poseidon.


Medical Profile

Medical Report

Cleared for duty.
- Lt Cdr Martin Paulsen, CMO, USS Poseidon

Psychological Report

Sultana Moffet often comes across as difficult to handle. Part of this is due to her upbringing, the rest to uncompromising standards that she has set for herself and anyone part of her working environment. A lot of this changes when off duty, where she appears to be a good-humoured and gregarious individual.

Though she has matured a lot since her early years in Starfleet, if pushed hard enough she might still resort to old fashioned ways of settling an argument, particularly with someone overbearing, taller and stronger (a typical description of the Moffet male of the species).

For all appearances, Sultana Moffet is a sensitive individual with a lively intelligence that she likes to feed at random. Used to hiding her real persona from her peers, she doesn't see any point in showing off or displaying personal feelings.

Addiition: Following a recent brain injury, Sultana Moffet underwent neurosurgery with unexpected success and some expected results. Though it is difficult to discriminate between what may be due to general trauma and what may be a side effect of the surgery, minute personality changes can be noted. More noticeably, Ms Moffet is now a lot less abbrasive in her report to people and she has turned a new leaf in her personal life as well as in her career. Her emotional state is good, her cognitive functions have been restored. As of this report, Ms Moffet is once again cleared for duty.

- Cdr Alejandro Mateo, Counsellor, Uss Swiftsure




General education: Merryon Heights school

Woodcraft Apprentice


Service Record


Starfleet Basic Training

  2372-74 Various assignments as crewman, three different cross-training programs (science, medical, ops)
  2375 Transfered to Intelligence Class USS Nautilus as Scientist's Mate, PO3
  2376 Transfered to the Excelsior Class USS Arizona as Scientist's Mate, PO2.
  2378 Promoted to PO1 under Commodore Theodore Joseph Braddock.
  2379 Assigned to the USS Swiftsure as SM1


The USS Swiftsure was reported missing with all hands early in 2380. The ship reappeared early in 2383 in orbit of Earth after a temporal jump of 3 years. **Details classified**



Promoted to CPO on stardate 60501.9



Transferred to the USS Tethys, Science Officer, Lieutenant JG



Transferred to the USS Poseidon, Science Officer, Lieutenant


USS Poseidon

Mission Ribbons

Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
Apple of Discord
Into The White

USS Swiftsure

Mission Ribbons

Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
Terror on Terra
Mission Ribbon
Mission ribbon
Mission Ribbon
Mission ribbon
Inherit The Stars
Full Moon

Dark Veil
Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon

Mission Ribbon

Mission Ribbon


The Hand Off

The Last God

A Matter of Time










Sixth Fleet
Meritous Unit Citation
- 61111.9

Joint Service Achievement Medal