Lieutenant Amalia Wilcox, Science Officer

Specialization: Social Sciences

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Amalia Wilcox



Place of Birth Bolarus IX



Date of Birth August 4, 2354



Status Single



Eyes Blue-grey


1m70 / 5' 7"

Weight 57 kg / 125 lbs
Skin Tone Blue Physique Average


Amalia has the bifurcated ridge running down the center of her face indicative of all Bolians. Like many of the Wilcox females, her long, dark hair is quite unusual, especially among her people back on Bolarus. At first glance, she can look frail and diminutive, but she has a strong, solid build maintained through physical activity.


Mother Janara Wilcox (adopted): Admiral, Starfleet Research & Development
Farrell Wilcox (adopted): Captain, Starfleet Academy Science Professor
Siblings Sister - Aura Wilcox (adopted): Captain, Trajia Moon Base
Other family Sorshen Narella (Father) & Tesora Naralla (Mother) --- Deceased


Personal Profile

Amalia is quieter and more reserved than most Bolians, who tend to be outgoing and sociable. She attributes it to all of the adjusting she needed to do from the loss of her parents and the integration into a new family and culture when she was younger. While she is still eager to meet new people and acquire new knowledge, she is usually tentative at first. She keenly observes her surroundings before she reacts to them.

Additionally, Amalia holds other characteristics typical of her species. She is a hard worker and highly dedicated to duty - both to work and family. She has an affinity for organization and protocol, although she can be comfortable straying from it in order to more easily accomplish a task. She works cooperatively and diplomatically, but finds that she does her best works when left to her own resources. This also translates into another Bolian trait, although Amalia strays from the norm. Bolians are also described as being highly group oriented and thus not understanding human privacy concerns. Amalia prefers her privacy like many humans, something picked up from her years of living on Earth.

While working, she focuses on her tasks at hand until they are complete. She will often neglect sleep or hunger in lieu of this dedication.

She can occupy herself for hours on her own, especially since she keeps such strange hours. No matter what shift she is working, she will always use the hours immediately before and after to relax and/or adjust to the day.


Traits, Quirks


Sailing, Archery, Darts, Cards, Fencing, Reading Novels and News Wires (in various languages), Universal Concepts in Religion and Philosophy, Music, 20th Century Movies, Acting/Drama, Cooking, Baseball (something she picked up an interest in during one of her postings)


To be a well known social scientist (discovering or contributing to something substantial)


Cooking, tea, wine, peaceful locations


Large crowds, formal functions


Dedicated, perpetual learner, willing to do any tasks to get a job done


Somewhat shy or reserved and prefers to work alone (although she's getting better at it)


Language aptitude, teaching


Federation Standard, Bolian, Bajoran, Trill, Klingonese, Vulcan, Cardassian, Rhiannsu (Romulan), Ventu

Personal History

Amalia was born on Bolarus IX to Sorshen and Tesora Narella on August 4, 2354. She was an only child and the two Bolian diplomats lavished her with much attention and anything else that she desired. She was sent to the best schools and at a young age she showed an aptitude for the sciences. She was then sent to a special science academy to enhance and cultivate her interests in this field. Additionally, Amalia also traveled with her parents quite often to visit friends on other Federation member worlds. She never considered how lucky she was to have so many luxuries when others had so little. She easily took for granted her lifestyle and could have been described as "spoiled brat."

Shortly after she was ten years old, her parents were in a fatal accident and with no other immediate relatives she was orphaned. At their death ceremony Amalia was reacquainted with Janara and Farrell Wilcox, old family friends who had moved away from Bolarus to for their careers in Starfleet. Amalia and her parents had stayed with them often when visiting Earth and she had remembered her interactions with them with fondness.

Hearing her plight, the Wilcox' put forth the proposal of adoption. The decision was a difficult one for Amalia, as it required her to give up her home and all she had ever known on Bolarus to move to Earth. Janara was especially patient with her during her decision making process and took a leave of absence to stay on Bolarus for a while. Amalia soon realized that with the Wilcox family, she would have a happy life full of love.

Amalia grew considerably with her adoption into the Wilcox family. The loss of her parents and homeland in one full swoop greatly humbled her, but any residual self-absorbed tendencies or behaviors that were byproducts of being an only child anymore were not tolerated by Janara and Farrell. They had a grown daughter of their own and had experienced the joys and frustrations of parenting before. While Aura was nearly ten years her senior and off pursuing a career in Starfleet, Amalia's new adopted parents proved to be skilled and savvy in the art of child rearing.

Amalia eventually grew out of her old ways, although she also had quite a culture shock with the atmosphere on Earth. She had met other cultures before, but not to the extent that she experienced in San Francisco and its surrounding areas. Everywhere she went she was faced with new species, new languages and new information to learn. It was both exciting and daunting at the same time.

Her natural curiosity provided her much success in school, although she was generally more interested in her own self initiated projects and research activities.

Entering into her teen years, Amalia began to regard her new family with much respect. Both Janara and Farrell were decorated officers of Starfleet, working hard in the fields of sciences. Aura was also charting her own career path as a Science Officer. While there were subtle hints from all of them in regards to career paths, they were altogether unobtrusive in her quest to find a calling. She was torn between becoming a Starfleet Officer or a Bolian diplomat like her biological parents.

She decided to put off her decision and instead enrolled in college. Again, during summers, she traveled and she was encouraged to participate in civilian research projects and internships by Farrell. He frequently allowed her to sit in on his science lectures at Starfleet Academy when she requested it.

The deciding factor in her decision to apply for the academy surprisingly came from her communications with Aura as she began her tenure as Chief Science Officer on a new vessel and eventually took up command training. Aura was understanding of the confusion that her younger sister was feeling about the future and was able to give her some direction.


Childhood and adolescence

Starfleet Service

Finally, when Amalia was ready, and during her second year of college, she applied and eventually transferred to the Academy. She quickly found that in Starfleet, she could honor key Bolian values that both sets of her parents had passed down to her - service and research. She majored in science with specific concentrations in Alien Anthropology and Linguistics. Not surprisingly though, she also had a secondary interest in diplomacy.

Needless to say, her graduation from the Academy was an extremely proud occasion for Amalia and the entire Wilcox family. In many ways, Amalia is still searching for an identity specific to herself and not the legacy left for her by her biological and adopted family backgrounds.

With that excitement and glory still fresh in her mind, she was ready for her first assignment at the distant Liberty Station in the Ryalli Sector. The value in such placement was in her vast knowledge of languages and cultures, which she showcased with vigor. But the placement was short lived; She was immediately reassigned to the defiant class, USS Terra Nova. She served on the exploratory vessel for two years.

Eventually, with the replacement of Captains, and the new command of USS Terra Nova falling to a newer commanding officer, science onboard was downsized, and Amalia was transferred back to the science department on Liberty Station. She dutifully served in the Alien Anthropology and Linguistics divisions, showcasing her unique mastery of both. She was promoted to Lieutenant (jg) in recognition of her efforts.

During her off hours from work, Amalia spent time in the Liberty Station and Gideon IV schools, tutoring students in science. Here she she met and became close friends with a Bajoran teacher, Rorrim Andel. They shared an appreciation for cross cultural learning and began to collaborate on writing an anthology for educators.

In 2383, Amalia was promoted to full Lieutenant and reassigned to Starbase Protector's social science department. Later that year, her collaborative effort resulted in the release of a book "Cross Cultural Learning: An Anthology of Education".

Transfered once again a year later, Amalia has been working as the head of the social sciences division at Ocumin Station's Strathmore Research Center. Studying the culture and language of the native species on the planet Ventu has been her main focus.


Medical Profile

Medical Report

Amalia Wilcox is healthy with the occasional bout of exhaustion that comes from over working.
~Lucas Ronnikov, Ocumin Station


Psychological Report

Wilcox suffers from extreme insomnia, more than likely spurred by an overactive curious mind that is constantly searching for the next project. Unfortunately, she refuses medication that would help her unless it is natural.
Counsellor Adara Garofalis, Trajia Base



General schooling

Earth, San Francisco Public Schools

Stanford University
Starfleet Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth


Service Record

Liberty Station/USS Terra Nova

Science Officer, Alien Anthropology & Linguistics

  Starbase Protector Science Officer, ACSO

Ocumin Station

Social Science Division Head, Strathmore Research Center

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USS Poseidon


Mission ribbon
New Voyages


Companion of Honour
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