Lieutenant V'Zara, acting Assistant Operations Officer *departed

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Place of Birth Cait



Date of Birth March 5, 2356



Marital Status Married


Black and white

Eyes Black


5' 6"

Weight 90 lbs

Skin Tone



Slender bordering on athletic


Short black flack fur with white fur on her stomach and neck, long black hair that she keeps pulled back in a ponytail. Cat-like ears, thick pads on her fingers and retractable claws on each finger. Long, sleek, fur covered tail.



Father R'Garlo, member of the K'tarrela, the Caitian senate (deceased)
Mother M'Tallie (deceased)
Husband Geoff Ashton, Chief Operations Officer, USS Swiftsure
Children R'Garlo, Ryan, Finn, Alexandria (quadruplets)

Special Notice

Biological and official age differ. See Service Records.
Addition: in 2384, an accidental trip had V'Zara and her children spending 3 years on an unknown planet before they were returned to the USS Swifsure where only 13 days had elapsed.


Personal Profile

Traits, Quirks

Her tail twitches in different ways depending on her mood. The happier she is, the faster it flicks about. The sadder she is, the less it twitches/



She spends a lot of time in holodecks re-enacting famous battles from her planet's history because she feels it brings her closer to her heritage. She also enjoys a good game of card, chess or curling up with a good book. She also enjoys roaming the ship, finding all of the little nooks and crannies that she could use in the future.



To get some Starfleet training and experience and then return home to take a place by her father's side in the K'tarrela. To a lesser extent, she has visions of becoming a Starfleet officer.



Climbing, mountains and other things. She enjoys going for a run after her shift. Playing any sport that involving chasing a ball.



High pitched noises that hurt her sensitive ears. People trying to pet her, making comments about her feline feet, or trying to pull on her tail.



Loyal, competitive and fearless. Honest to the point of rude bluntness.



Has problems fitting in and occasionally alienates people due to her sometimes crude honesty, though she has been instructed to work on it by her mentors in the Academy. Sometimes considered immature for her age, but for a long-lived race like the Caitians, maturity takes longer to develop.



Excellent agility, reflexes, senses, and strength. Fast of foot and mind and follows orders to the letter. Highly skilled tracker and hunter, excellent hand to hand combatant. Can keep any secret asked of her and is a skilled computer encryption breaker and programmer, a talent learned from her father's personal assistant.



Federation Standard - Caitian - Vulcan


Personal History

Childhood and adolescence

Cait, the Caitian homeworld in the Ferasa system is a strange world to grow up on. V'Zara is the daughter and only child of K'tarrela member and former diplomat to Vulcan, R'Garlo. R'Garlo knew, after his wife died in a terrorist attempt on his own life, that he could not protect his five year old daughter all the time, so he had his assistant take her to a militia training camp, where she was educated and trained in the Caitian style of combat. This meant she was trained to move like a cat and fight with her claws, as well as basic weapons. But V'Zara, didn't think combat was her way so when her father's assistant taught her some tricks with the computer, she was delighted and took to it right away. When her father offered her a chance to go to Starfleet as a representative of the Caitian culture, V'Zara jumped at it and quickly joined the enlisted program and later, the NCO operations program.


2375: Starfleet Academy

Skilled with computers, V'Zara also learned that she liked helping others with their work and was good at taking messages and dictation. She flew through Basic Training at Starfleet and was asked by several of her basic combat instructors why she wouldn't go into security. She told them it was because war was not her way

2376: USS Kansas V'Zara was assigned to the USS Kansas upon completion of Basic Training to give her her space legs. The later part of 2375, when she was first assigned, was spent patroling the Sol Star system. The small ship, a Nova Class science vessel, then spent the better part of 2376 cataloguing gaseous anomalies.
2377: Starfleet Academy V'Zara, after being promoted to Crewman from Apprentice, returned to the Academy to take her advanced NCO training. She did very well in this program too and was asked several times why she hadn't gone through the commisioned officers training. To which her reply was, someone has to keep the ship running. When her course was over, V'Zara transfered back to her homeworld.
Cait Starfleet Offices

V'Zara's superior officers were very impressed with the way she handled her tasks on her new assignment. She proved herself loyal, trustworthy and a very hard, independant worker. She worked so hard that by the end of her apprenticeship on Cait, she was working for the senior most officer at the Offices, JAG Commander Marsh, who thought the young Caitian did stellar work. When he heard that there was an opening aboard the USS Swiftsure, he was the one that made the transfer request on V'Zara's behalf. V'Zara was excited and her father proud that she would be representing her race in space.

2379- 2384

V'Zara was accepted to the Swiftsure as Captain's Yeoman and promoted to PO3, much to her delight. She married the human of her dreams in December 2383.


The USS Swiftsure is reported missing with all hands early in 2380. The ship reappeared early in 2383 in orbit of Earth after a temporal jump of 3 years. **Details classified**


In April 2384 CPO V'Zara asked for her transfer to Operations and joined the officers' ranks as Materials Officer, Lt JG. A few months later she gave birth to four children.


In May 2385 the Ashton couple transferred to the USS Poseidon NCC-89515 where V'Zara reprised the same position. Lt V'Zara and her family transferred out in October.




Standard Federation school education. Graduated in 2374.
Caitian Basic Combat Training 2361-2365
Caitian Advanced Combat Training 2365-2374



Medical Profile


Medical Report

Cleared for duty.

- Lt Cdr Martin Paulsen, C.M.O


Psychological Profile


Psychological Report

Cleared for duty.

- Commander Alejandro Mateo, Ship's Counsellor



Service Record


Basic Training, graduates as Crewman Apprentice


Serves onboard USS Kansas. Promoted to Crewman

  2377 Advanced NCO Training, Starfleet Academy
  2378-79 Serves on Cait. Promoted to PO3
  2379 Reassigned to the USS Swiftsure as Yeoman


The USS Swiftsure is reported missing with all hands early in 2380. The ship reappeared early in 2383 in orbit of Earth after a temporal jump of 3 years. **Details classified**


Promoted to PO2. Promoted to PO1 on stardate 60501.9. Promoted to CPO on stardate 60991.9.


Transfer to Materials Officer, Lieutenant JG. Promoted to Lieutenant on stardate 10808.31


Promoted acting Assistant Chief of Operations on stardate 10901.13. Transfer to USS Poseidon NCC 89515 in May. Transferred out in October.


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