Lieutenant Avery Breaux, Ship's Counsellor

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Avery Breaux



Place of Birth Earth, Louisiana, New Orleans



Date of Birth April 1, 2340



Marital Status Not married


Black with grey peppering effect

Eyes Brown


6 ft

Weight 210 lbs

Skin Tone

Dark complected

Physique Athletic/ stocky. two minor scars on his right wrist.


Parents Deceased - educators
Aaron and Anderson, both youngers, instructors at Tulane University

Lieutenant Junior Grade

Personal Profile

Traits, Quirks

Has a holoprogram of a battle, Polis IV, where his Away Team was lost during Dominion War. He is obsessive about playing the program to find a solution.



Acting. Has been in theatre since he was a child. Many holoprograms devoted to the classic plays. Seeks out theatre troupes at each posting or on leave.



Would love command, but has come to appreciate serving with a talented Senior Staff.



Anything having to do with the sea, sailing specifically. Cooking - loves to show off the culinary skills he acquired in his hometown.



Bigotry and injustice. Still harbors resentment toward Dominion and their allies, as well as Cardassians. He realizes he is conflicted by this in that he tries to be fair, but has to deal with his demons as a result of his personal history.



Loyal to a fault, industrious and curious. Dry sense of humor, can poke fun at himself.



Task-oriented, and would like to take shortcuts at times. Patience not a strong suit. He is driven to finish assignments.



A great listener. Someone who can think outside the box-resourceful. He has a gift for negotiation and interviewing.



Federation Standard


Personal History

Childhood and adolescence

Avery was born in the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana, Avery was the oldest of three sons. His parents, Adam and Angeline, worked in schools blocks from their home. Their family lived in an upstairs apartment over an art gallery. The cozy home on Royal Street, behind Jackson Square was a place of great love and family gatherings.

His brothers were one and two years younger than him, so he had a minor role in mentoring them as they grew up. His parents, both educators, raised the boys in the public school system, and made an effort to expose them to the many cultures of the bayou state.

There were many family 'field trips', not the least of which was a journey to a Starfleet shipyard in Metaire, Louisiana. The trip allowed the boys to spend some time with their uncle, Antoine, who worked at the yard.

When Antoine was killed in an accident at the yard, Avery disappeared from the home in the Quarter. His father knew where to find the thirteen year old. Standing at the security fence of the yard, fingers clutching the fence, young eyes peering in. His father quietly took young Avery home.

It was during this time that Avery found some solace in acting as his father feigned an interest in the local theatre company and dragged the boys along. They all soon became involved in roles and developed many lifelong friendships with the members of the Vieux Carre Players.

Athletics proved another outlet for Avery and he became known for his exploits in football and as he grew older obtrained a scholarship to attend Tulane University. He eventually settled in to study the theatre arts and minored in Astronomy.

It was a year later, after graduation, when Avery was waiting on tables in New Orleans and working at small acting jobs throughout the region, that he learned the news of his parents. They had been on Bajor attending a training seminar and had been killed in a skirmish between Bajorans and Cardassians. Avery enrolled at Starfleet Academy the next day.


Starfleet Academy

The Academy proved a great learning experience and diversion and Avery was driven to do his best. Motivated by the loss of his uncle and parents, he developed newfound interests in Counseling, Interpersonal Relationships, Leadership courses and Astrophysics. He pushed himself, but finished in the middle of his class. More than a few times he found himself working with counsellors to sort out the issues he tried to deny he was carrying with him. He befriended a number of close friends in the Academy and they helped each other to finish their rigorous pursuits.


Upon graduation, Avery was posted to the USS Rousseau as a counsellor and spent his career with that crew until his sudden posting to the Poseidon. Aboard Rousseau, through exploration and the Dominon War, Breaux served confidently and with distinction. The bonds formed on the Rousseau were deep and meaningful. He was detailed to the Poseidon by Starfleet with mercurial speed and little information. It was apparent that something was afoot, and he, somehow, had been selected to join their ranks.
Mid 2386 he transferred out along with a lot of the staff and accepted reassignment to the USS Avalon NCC 76262-A, the first Avalon class starship, under the same CO Cmdre Chapman.


Medical Profile

Medical/Psychological Report

Avery Breaux has been a part of my caseload since his induction to Starfleet Academy. He is an articulate, talented officer who has survived a number of personal tragedies, both personal and professional.

Because of the nexus of family deaths to Starfleet, his case history has been followed closely. This began with his application to the Academy and included routine examinations during his tenure at the Academy, and aboard the Rousseau.

Most certainly Breaux suffered from acute stress disorder in each of the incidences of loss: his uncle, parents, and Away Team on Rousseau. Clearly the treatment for his post traumatic stress disorder aboard Rousseau, has been successful, although he was quite resistant to it when initially prescribed. His group therapy, holosessions and writing exercises have had a profound positive effect on his well-being.

He is an effective, function Starfleet officer and I support his continued service in Starfleet.

Doctor Eruyon Alz
Starfleet Headquarters, San Francisco




Attended Tulane University on a football scholarship. Became involved in Drama and eventually earned a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Arts. It was after college he entered the Academy.


Service Record


Ship's Counsellor, USS Rousseau - Ensign to Lieutenant

2385 - 2386

Assigned to the USS Poseidon NCC 89515 as ship's counsellor - Lieutenant

2386 - present

Assigned to the USS Avalon NCC 76262-A as ship's counsellor - Lieutenant



Player Awards


Service Ribbons

6 Months Ribbon
100 Posts Ribbon
0.5 Year Service Ribbon

25 Posts Ribbon



Mission Awards


USS Poseidon

Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
Winds of Change
Apple of Discord
Into The White
The Darkest Hour

Sim Awards

Conspicuous Service Cross
Honour of Excellence award
Companion of Honour award
Conspicuous Service Cross
Honour of Excellence
Companion of Honour Award

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