Lieutenant Junior Grade Ja'orr, Assistant Chief of Sciences

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Place of Birth Karact City, Caldonia



Date of Birth 2285



Marital Status Single



Eyes Emerald


6' 5"

Weight 225 lbs
Skin Tone Beige Physique Average build


Ja’orr looks like most Caldonians, which means he is sometimes mistaken for a Ferengi (though an exceptionally tall one), since his smaller lobes are concealed with ceremonial hoods.

Lieutenant JG


Mother Segra


Personal Profile

Traits, Quirks

Ja’orr is atypical for a Caldonian, as he enjoys the Federation penchant for administration, as well as his race’s well known affiliation for science.



Ja’orr is interested in Wormhole mechanics and temporal phenomena.



As one of the few members of his race willing to interact with other species on an ongoing basis, Ja’orr wants to prove the value of cooperating with others, and often cites Federation scientific accomplishments. Eventually, he would like to see Caldonia enter the Federation.



Stimulating scientific conversation, mathematics, particle physics. Difficult Sudoku puzzles, Caldonian music.



In his own words “Ferengi are greedy, selfish trolls with almost null aptitude for science. It’s amazing they discovered warp technology at all.”



Inquisitive, analytical mind. Flexibility with most other races (except Ferengi).



Due to the accident with the Geodesic Fold Pod, his left leg has been replaced with prosthesis.



Ja’orr can operate most Federation scientific equipment.



Federation Standard, Caldonian, Vulcan, Cardassian


Personal History


Ja’orr is a Caldonian, one of the research-driven species that competed for transit permits of the Barzan wormhole in 2366.  He is a bit of an exception for his species, as he applied for a foreign services waiver (since his people are post-warp, but not members of the Federation). 

Unlike most of his kind, he is not distracted by administrative tasks, or the Federation way of doing things.  A scientist at heart like the rest of his race, his area of expertise is the exploration of wormholes and temporal anomalies.  He feels differences in perspective, like those between Caldonia and the Federation, makes things more diverse and interesting.

When the Barzan wormhole proved unstable, Ja’orr devised an experiment to attempt to stabilize the passage.  Using a geodesic fold generated by a powerful phase pulse directed at a sun, he launched a probe through.  Unexpectedly, a method emerged for sending a single-person safely through a fold, which was previously thought mathematically impossible.

He ended up in the Perseus sector of the galaxy without a way home.  The probe, though mostly in tact, had sustained heavy damage, including internal life support.  Fortunately, Ja’ orr was rescued and nursed back to health by the crew of the USS Poseidon.  Because the rescue was not instantaneous, there was a month or two when he was thought to be deceased, rectified later when communications were established with Star Fleet Command.

The Caldonian Science Ministry learned that during the geodesic pod's experimental transit, the device sustained more damage than expected.  The Ministry deliberated for some time, before deciding the experiment was to be ruled inconclusive and too dangerous to repeat.

Few people who have not met Caldonians personally know that their last name is always in flux, since it is determined by the current value of a mathematical equation with several variables.  Since the exact equation for each individual is considered intimate, Caldonian last names are considered unpronounceable. 


Medical Profile

Medical Report

Ja’orr is physically fit for duty; however, his prosthetic leg requires regular medical/engineering calibration.

- Dr. Martin Paulsen, CMO, USS Poseidon

Psychological Report Ja’orr is mentally fit for duty.



2375 - 2378

Bachelor of Science, Temporal and Theoretical Wormhole Mechanics, Caldonia Science Ministry

2378 – 2781 Master of Science, Thesis: Phase mechanics, the Shift particle, Trill Institute of Long-term Studies.


Service Record

2381 - 2384

Starfleet Academy Officer Cadet

2385 Caldonian Science Ministry (detached duty) Ensign (Geodesic Fold Project)
  2385 - present

Promoted to Lt JG and assigned to the USS Poseidon as Asst Chief of Sciences


Player Files


USS Poseidon


Mission Ribbon
The Darkest Hour