Lieutenant Junior Grade Martin Johnson, Chief Conn Officer

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Place of Birth Earth, Eindhoven, The Netherlands



Date of Birth April 26, 2349


36 (biological), 35 (official)

Marital Status Single (widowed)



Eyes Blue green


1m80 (5' 9")

Weight 72 kg (159 lbs)

Skin Tone



Healthy, not overly athletic


Wife Sharon Shore, Teacher (deceased)
Father Frank Jansen, Computer programmer (deceased)
Mother Esther Vissers, Teacher (deceased)
Sister Kimberly "Kim" Jansen, Historian

Lieutenant JG
Special Notice Changed his name from Martijn Jansen to Martin Johnson in 2379 (see 'Personal History'). In 2384, an accidental trip had Martin Johnson spending a full year on an unknown planet and returning to the USS Swifsure where only 13 days had elapsed.


Personal Profile

Traits, Quirks

A bit shy, difficulty handling relationships.



Walks in the forests or beach. Recreation on the holodeck. Good talks and fun games.



To come to terms with his history and starting a new successful life.



Spending time with friends. Gazing at the stars. Quietness (after emotional or stressed periods). Honesty and fairness.



People beating around the bush. Lies.



Determined to achieve set goals, loyal, doesn’t like to give up.



Stubborn. Tends to block talks about him when they get too personal. Can be very cold in dealing with emotions like love, relationships and death.



Talent for motivating talks, teaching, analyzing complex situations.



Federation Standard


Personal History

Childhood and adolescence

Martijn was born in a good and steady marriage between the relative young-aged Frank and Esther. He and Kim grew up to have a classic “brother/sister” relationship. One moment they could drink each other’s blood, the other they were best friends. His adolescence was uneventful and healthy until his early twenties.


Early adulthood

When Martijn was 22 Frank and Esther drowned in a violent storm while at open sea during a disastrous holiday. This holiday was given to them by Martijn and Kim for celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. After being orphaned, Kim and Martijn struggled to keep their heads above water. They succeeded in finishing school and could slowly build up their lives again.

In his Master’s year Martijn met Sharon Shore, which was his classmate and studying partner. After an intense year of studying, they realized they were hopelessly in love with each other. Sharon moved in with Martijn one year later. Both worked on their careers for several years and finally married June 20th 2378.

After a honeymoon of two weeks around Earth, they returned as the picture perfect happy couple. The dream ended abruptly when Martijn came home July 15th and found Sharon hanging from the stairwell, her wrists slit and her cloths drenched with blood. Authorities could not find any other conclusion then suicide by slitting her wrist (failed) and later by hanging herself.

2379-2383: Starfleet Academy

Unable to understand why his wife could do something like that, without a note, or even the slightest goodbye, Martijn had no other option than to accept the fact that she might not be as happy as she appeared to him (which he finds a grave and unforgivable misjudgement on his part) and “move on”.

This was harder to him then he likes to admit and he grew into a more silent, cold and bitter persona. Being around the environment where he lived for so long, gave him a constant reminder about Sharon and his own failure to recognize her unhappiness. He decided to “end” his life and start a new one.

He changed his Dutch name from Martijn Jansen to Martin Johnson, quit his job and sold his house and everything he owned. He left a great part of his profit from the house to his sister Kim, but rarely speaks to her any more in fear of meeting up with his past. He started training at the Starfleet Academy a half year later to be a CONN officer. He always liked flying and felt at easy behind the controls. Of course, flying a starship is not the same as flying a holographic Mustang in recreational facilities at home. While not the best of his class, he passed as “slightly above average”, but –according to his instructors- with undiscovered potential to grow beyond that.




Amsterdam School of Teaching (Junior gr.), The Netherlands, Earth


Master of Education (Junior gr.), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Earth


Medical Profile

Medical Report

Mr. Johnson is fit and has a noticeable higher resistance to the influenza virus, - the common cold - than average, presumably because of his long-time environment dealing with children. After doing all Starfleet requested exams I hereby certify Martin Johnson (Martijn Jansen) physically fit for duty.

- Dr. Wayne Garrett, Starfleet Medical

Psychological Report

Mr. Johnson has a troubled history which involves losing his parents at a young age, the need to mature quickly to take care of his sister, the suicide of his wife only weeks after their marriage and the loss of trust –and contact- with his entire family save for Mr. Johnson’s sister Kimberly. To me as a psychiatrist this brought up severe concerns about whether he is fit to serve aboard a starship, especially in the position he applied for. After several sessions I finally got through to the hurt and emotional man behind his “façade”. We talked openly and intimately for hours on end.

My conclusion is that this façade is no attempt at hiding or ignoring his past, but more an emotional shield he has drawn over him unawares. The fact that he passed the Academy CONN training, suggests that he felt (or feels) out of control. He needed to get his grip on life back and feel “in control” again. This would explain his choice for the CONN position.

As far as I can judge, the man you see, is the true Martin Johnson and his troubled mind does not affect his rationality or judgment. I believe that time, a strong sense of family and perhaps a new relationship or sense of being “loved” will lower this shield.

After multiple evaluations, and with the help of my colleague Dr. Laurence King, we both find him a past-troubled man, but nonetheless eager and fit for duty. We do advise a yearly evaluation to monitor his mental health in coming to terms with the events that befell him.

-Dr. Roger Ahern, Psychiatrist, Starfleet Medical
-Dr. Laurence King, Head Psychiatrist & Evaluation Advisor, Starfleet Medical Psych. Ward


Service Record


Starfleet Academy



Graduated from Sixth Fleet Academy. Assigned to the USS Swiftsure as Ensign, Flight/ConnOfficer.



Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and acting Chief Conn on stardate 61128.3. Made Chief Conn.



Transferred to the USS Poseidon NCC 89515



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