Master Chief Petty Officer James "Keeper" Dalton, Master-at-Arms

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James Dalton



Place of Birth Earth, Canada, Alberta, Wood Buffalo



Date of Birth October 1st, 2319


61 (biological), 66 (official)

Marital Status Widowed



Eyes Blue


1m93 / 6' 4"

Weight 94 kg / 207 lbs

Skin Tone





Weathered features


Son Bernard
Daughter Leonia
Master Chief Petty Officer


Personal Profile

Traits, Quirks

Will often tell a story from his past that pertains to a current situation...often with a moral to the story. Has a tendency to speak on a very informal level, no matter the rank he is addressing



Fishing, camping, anything outdoors.



To find his son and daughter, to retire still a MCPO.



People with common sense.



People without common sense.



Learns on the fly, Show him something once, he has it forever. Experience.






Teaching, weapons, tactical insight.



Federation Standard, Japanese.


Personal History

Childhood and adolescence

Born in the backwoods of northern Canada James Dalton had a fairly normal childhood for the area in which he lived. Most activities for him were centered on the outdoors. Hunting, camping and his true pleasure fly fishing in the many creeks and rivers surrounding his home.

In his formative years he grew to be an accomplished outdoorsman, living off the land for weeks at a time and enjoying his commune with nature. As with many young men, the time came to set out on his own and explore more of what the world had to offer.


Starfleet - First Phase

Starfleet had always held an interest for James. His education had been exemplary with him finishing with top honors of each school year. However postsecondary education held little interest for him and attending the academy for the next four years was a thought he did not relish.

So to speed things up to his liking he enlisted at the Starfleet security training center (SSTC) San Diego. His first three years went exceptionally well, finding a post as a weapons tech he continued with every course the center had to offer while still completing his duties as a PO3. Upon completing the NCO instructor’s course he was offered a position as a Jr. Grade instructor’s assistant with a promotion to PO2. A short year later he was given full instructor status and the rank of PO1. Shortly thereafter Dalton was transferred to the crown jewel of security training, the Alameda Security and tactical Training center at Starfleet headquarters. His posting as an assistant to the Master-at-Arms couldn't have been better. Unknown to Dalton at the time, he had found his niche and long-lasting career.

Just after his posting to ASTTC he met the love of his life, Sandra. The two were soon married and began a wonderful 30 plus year marriage having two beautiful children Bernard and Leonia. Over the years life went well for the Dalton family. The love between James and Sandra grew stronger with every passing year. The children grew into fine young adults and both followed their dreams of entering Starfleet and becoming the explorers they knew they were born to be.

Some say Dalton’s career had stagnated and come to a halt. Dalton would tell you otherwise. He rose to the rank of MCPO and took over the master-at arms post upon his close friend’s retirement. Promotions and field assignments were offered to Dalton too which all were declined by Dalton. The matter of fact was that Dalton had found his place in the universe and intended on staying there. At one point a promotion was pushed hard on Dalton by the upper echelon. So hard in fact that Dalton was forced to call in some favors and put in a formal request that any further promotion requests pertaining to him be declined. It took Starfleet awhile but with a few strings pulled and some noted objections and a few conditions that Dalton had to agree to, Daltons request was approved. Dalton was now at peace. His dream job in place, his family happy and prospering.

As Master-at-arms, Dalton was required to every 36 months to complete a 6 month O.P.C. (off planet cruise). During this time he would be posted to an active duty Starship as its interim Master-at-arms. This was to keep Dalton versed in Starship procedure and as well to keep starship personal updated with the latest security and tactical procedures. After every O.P.C. Dalton would take a short leave and return to his birth place in northern Alberta where he and his wife would re-kindle their long love affair.

And so went the next 20 years, until the day Admiral Charles Dunning walked into Dalton’s armory. Dalton's long time friend had come with the gravest of news.

Dalton's son Bernard had been exceptional Starfleet officer material, from his entrance to the Academy, to his first posting many knew he was destined for command and the same be said for Dalton's daughter Leonia. She too fast tracked through the diplomatic corp. rising to the rank of Lt. Commander first contact specialist. Bernard was assigned his first command of the exploration ship the USS Drumheller and he quickly assigned his sister to lead the Drumheller's first contact team.

The Drumheller was well into its cruse when scheduled sub space communication was lost. After several weeks with no contact between the Drumheller and Deep space 11, a search and rescue operation was launched. Yielding no results the mission was scrubbed after three weeks of intense searching. A month long investigation of Deep space 11's finest still came up with no explanation to the whereabouts of the Drumheller or her crew, the ship and her complement were declared lost and presumed dead.

James and Sandra were devastated by the loss of their children. Dalton requested a L.O.A. to be with his wife. Shortly after the memorial service for the Drumheller and her crew, Sandra fell into a deep depression and fell severely ill. An illness to which she would not recover. Two years to the day of hearing the news of her son and daughter, she passed away quietly in her sleep. Leaving James alone in his once perfect universe.

Starfleet - Second Phase

Dalton spent the next year examining every record pertaining to the disappearance of the Drumheller looking for some clue as to what may have happened. To no avail. Knowing there was little he could do while planet bound he returned to San Francisco and requested a transfer to an active duty Starship nearest the last known location of the Drumheller.

The request was granted and Dalton was assigned to the USS Avalon as its new Master-at-arms. The transfer did not come without a price; to facilitate the Transfer Dalton took a rank reduction to PO3. The cruise on the Avalon went well until her untimely destruction (classified). The surviving crew of the Avalon were then posted to the USS Arizona (classified).

During the Arizona’s cruse Dalton was reassigned to Starfleet intelligence and all service records from that point on were sealed and remain classified to this day.

Six years later the Vulcan science ship T’Kal was investigating temporal anomalies emanating from the Pitcairn Nebula when they discovered a heavily damaged federation shuttlecraft. Aboard the craft were four humans placed in medical stasis tubes. Three of the four stasis tubes had stopped functioning. The fourth contained a gravely injured Dalton. The T’Kal made way for federation space returning Dalton and the damaged shuttle to Federation hands.

After being returned to earth, removed from stasis and his injuries tended to. A One year convalescence followed at Starfleet medical. During which time he was debriefed by Starfleet. Due to the injuries he sustained and what seems to be a temporal phenomenon on a cellular level, Dalton has no memory of the past seven years. The last memory he has is of a large explosion on the Arizona.

As well medical testing has concluded that there is a six year difference between Dalton’s chronological age of 66 and his molecular scan result of 61 years. Starfleet Medical has officially deemed this as “unknown temporal influence.”

Upon the completion of his convalescence Dalton has now been deemed fit for duty and is ready to commence his return to an Active duty Starship.



General education

Northland School division No. 61, Elementary, Jr. High, and High School


Medical Profile

Medical / Psychology Report


Fit for duty
- Dr. Wayne Garrett, Starfleet Medical


Service Record


Enlists at Starfleet Security Training Center, San Diego, North America



Completes Security, Tactical, and logistic courses (PO3)



Enters and completes advanced security, tactical, and logistic courses. Enters NCO instructor training.

  2342 Promotion recommendation to petty officer second class (PO2) accepted
  2343 Completes NCO instructor’s course. posted to SSTC San Diego as instructors assistant
  2344 Promotion recommendation to petty officer first class (PO1) accepted. Assigned instructor status.
  2349 2349- re-assigned to Alameda Security and Tactical Training center (ASTTC), Starfleet Head quarters. posting: assistant to master-at-arms
  2351 Promotion recommendation to Chief Petty Officer (CPO) accepted
  2354 Promotion recommendation to Master Chief Petty officer (MCPO). Assigned as master-at-arms San Francisco High
  2356 Promotion recommendation - Declined by recipient
  2358 Promotion recommendation - Declined by recipient
Request to Starfleet Command by MCPO Dalton that no more promotion recommendations be made on his behalf.
Request approved by Starfleet command with noted objections and conditions applied.
  2372 L.O.A requested and granted by Starfleet Command.
  2375 Request for transfer to active duty Starship. Request approved with a rank reduction to PO3. Assigned to USS AVALON as MAA
  2377 Re-assigned to USS ARIZONA - classified
  2378 Classified
  2383 Found in stasis in the Pitcairn Nebula, Returned to Earth.
  2384 Medical Leave


Request for transfer granted. Assigned to the USS Tethys as MAA. Reassigned to the USS Poseidon after the Battle at Artex (Kell War).


Player Files

Player Files


USS Poseidon


Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
Into The White
The Darkest Hour