Lieutenant Podkayne Luna March, Intelligence Analyst

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Podkayne March



Place of Birth Sol System, Luna



Date of Birth 12 August 2361



Marital Status Married


Nordic Blond

Eyes Grey


1m60 / 5' 3"

Weight 54 kg /119 lbs

Skin Tone


Physique Medium small, a tad chubby


Smart enough not to show off - an agreable and happy person most times.


Husband Chance, Fisherman's Wharf Proprietor
Son Colin March
Mother Mary Cavendish - Shop Owner
Father Sam March Shop Owner
Siblings 2 elder brothers, 1 elder sister (Stella), a twin brother and sister

Lieutenant JG

Personal Profile

Traits, Quirks

When embarrassed, her ears go red before anything else. Podkayne may at times abscond herself in deep thought in the middle of a conversation. She loves artistic tattoos and sports three, hardly visible in uniform.



Ancient Babylon, disappeared civilisations, divination methods, meditation techniques.

  Hobbies Shopping for exotic trinklets, jewelry and colourful garments. Ice-skating, piloting/driving small civilian craft. Member of KINDS.
Above average 3D chess and Kal'toh player.


Unravelling the secrets of the Universe - or at least a few.



Food, wine, friends, massages and cuddles.



To see her work or opinions dismissed because of her age. To be tested for her IQ (she always cheats to score only what she decided).



One highly performant brain. Really.



Latent insomnia under pressure. Overly exacting with herself and versatile in her intellectual passions. Ill at ease as a public persona. Shies away from confrontation in her field.



Born and bred on Luna, she is at home in any space suite and 0-G situation.
One of the few Federation scientists to master the complex Pharosian equations beyond the 7th level. (Current level: 15 out of 27 and climbing).

  Limitations Stubborn and over-achiever, though she is working on it. Not always respectful of the chain of command. Tries to exercise in spurts.


Federation Standard, common Vulcan and advanced basics in numerous dead, ancient or current languages.


Personal History

Early childhood - Luna

After a few years of travelling around the Federation, the young Sam March and Mary Cavendish found themselves the surprise winners of a lottery. They became space traders aboard their own ship, the SS Sammary.

Twenty years and three children later they decided to settle down and leased a choice spot at Luna's main spaceport. The Bizarre Bazaar thrived on their flair for low cost, exotic curios and trinkets gathered from auctioned confiscated shipments. As the last of the children left home, the March felt that they were still green enough for a new batch. Two were planned, three were born as the last one turned out to be twins.

The toddler grew up on a background of bedtime stories of the Sammary days, surrounded by all sorts of exotic knickknack and travellers. Her curiosity for the universe grew by leaps and bounds while her premature intelligence determined that she had, on all accounts, missed on the whole fun of being one of the family in its SS Sammary heydays.

By the age of 3, young Podkayne could not only read and write, she also knew basic phrases in several languages and would convert currency and measurement units from Federation worlds almost instantaneously. This was considered little more than a side effect of her growing around the shop. As she reached 4, the March were quite surprised to learn from a preschool assessment that she was a 'genius child' slated for an accelerated education curriculum.

It was easily provided in a specialized institute for the next few years but Podkayne was still craving for more. Growing recklessness answered the refusal of her parents to let her go, until her elder sister settled on Mars.


Late childhood to adolescence - Mars to Vulcan

Graduating at age 10, Podkayne spent two years on General Studies at the Iverson Institute on Mars, there also receiving psychological counselling to deal with recurrent sleepwalking and other signs of stress.

Soon after turning 12, she won a scholarship for the Vulcan Institute of Sciences where she went on to spend the next 4 years as an undergraduate student in Physics.

The curriculum included a full range of courses: chemistry, astronomy, physics, electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics, optics, quantum physics, nuclear physics, solid state physics. This was completed by extensive mathematics courses (calculus, differential equations, advanced calculus), as well as computer science and programming. Undergraduate students performed tutored research.

On Vulcan, 12 year old Podkayne was immersed among a wide variety of students and scholars. As time went by and her special status faded, she became accutely aware that her gift, left to itself, barely put her on a par with the average Institute student of more advanced species.

She grew highly competitive and the fight for the top left her isolated, her only friend a fellow 'star pupil' and her favourite distractions 3D chess and Kal'toh. She has an inordinate taste and understanding for the harmonics in Vulcan music as well as good practice of the language.

Late adolescence - Daystrom Institute

Upon celebrating a Master Degree in General Physics at 16, Podkayne selected among diverse offerings a choice scholarship at the Daystrom Institute. There, at 18, she obtained a doctoral degree in Theoretical Physics. But long before her thesis was completed, Podkayne felt the old restlessness returning and came to a decision: the only place where she could avoid being pigeonholed, continue to grow while travelling to her heart's content, was Starfleet.


Podkayne therefore joined the Academy and 'sacrificed' one year as required to general officer studies, adapting uneasily at first to the mould. Her original background made for a less challenging pace over the ensuing three years, a time that she considers to be her first holidays since the Iverson Institute. She gained two Master Degrees in Experimental Astrophysics and Biophysics.

After a few months of polishing on the USS Tourville where she was deliberately put to the test by her superior officer, favourable reviews confirmed her assignment to the USS Poseidon as Physicist.


Outer Perseus - USS Poseidon

Doctor March is already widely known for the March Translift that solved the crucial problem of ferrying personnel and equipment through the collapsed Ventresca wormhole. She is at the moment, on her spare time, undertaking a doctorate in Cosmology under Science Master Sobel, from the Vulcan Academy of Sciences, currently assigned to Starbase Perseus.

Podkayne married Chance, the Fisherman's Wharf owner, through an ancient rite. In May 2385, she gave birth to Colin March.

During a scientific mission, Podkayne March inadvertently triggered the opening of a subspace tunnel part of an old network, sending the Poseidon to the Margosian Sea, 1 000 LY from the OPA.

After a short stint as the ACSO, Dr March has been assigned to the role of Intelligence Analyst. Seconded by Etienne Bostock, her best friend and intellectual peer, her orders are to devise a grid of analysis to envisage the high concentration of unusual events in the OPA under new angles.
Podkayne March and Etienne Bostock report directly to the XO and CO.

Podkayne was part of the inaugural journey of the Carrier Group One through the wormhole and lived through the entire series of (mis)adventures that were to follow.

Farlong Reefs - USS Avalon

Mid 2386, Podkayne obtained reassignment on the USS Avalon NCC 76262-A alongside her previous CO Commodore Chapman and most of the senior staff.


Medical Profile


Medical Report

A few pounds over strict average are no menace to her health. However Podkay March has been slow catching up with her exercise regimen since the birth of her child. Cleared for duty with orders to report for fitness training once a week.

- Dr Jadelyn Kingsley, USS Poseidon


Psychological Report

After the intense years as a child prodigy child, Ms March was able to engage in studies and social activities alongside people her own age at the Academy.. She considers herself to be fairly well adapted. Others may wish to bring some nuances to this appreciation.

Ms March is still looking for the meaning of life and a meter to her achievements. The resulting stress is expressed in a variety of symptoms. Her sleep patterns have been irregular since her early childhood. The order and focus of her intellectual work are matched by a tendency to clutter and chaos in other areas. They clearly serve as a pressure valve. She is a typical overachiever seldom satisfied with her own work. Part of her nocturnal anguishes are evidently due to fear of failure.

If she has shown willingness and improvement in the area of team work and social interaction, she is by nature a solitary player as exemplified by her efforts to become an interdisciplinary, ie self-sufficient scientist.

For all these nuances Ms March is indeed a gifted and versatile officer eager to find her place, who will spare no amount of efforts to prove herself and succeed in her chosen career.

- Profille provided by Doctor Henri Lenoir (Commander),
Starfleet Academy

A clear mind and sound knowledge of her own shortcomings. Bouts of insomnia still not fully under control. Episods of stress. Follow up sessions should be scheduled regularly to keep her on track. Cleared for duty.

- Counsellor Alejandro Mateo, USS Poseidon



General schooling

Luna, Asimov Institute - Mars, Iverson Institute, Advanced Children section

Secondary & Tertiary Vulcan, Science Institute - Mars, Dayström Institute


Starfleet Academy and Starfleet Science, San Francisco


Service Record

Starfleet Academy

General Officer Training - C1


Science Observatory Sudar X

Astrophysics Section - C2


USS Pharaoh

Spectroscopy and Particle physics - C3

  Starfleet Science Temporal Investigations Intern, analysis of declassified data - C3, C4

USS Tourville

Biophysics - C4

  USS Poseidon Physicist, ACSO, Intelligence Analyst - from Ensign to Lieutenant

USS Avalon

Physicist,, Intelligence Analyst - Lieutenant

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