Lt Commander Meda, Chief of Operations

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Human "Onlies"

Place of Birth FGC-347601 III, Seattle



Date of Birth September 20, 1959


426 (looks 16)

Marital Status Single


Brown, long

Eyes Brown


1m63 / 5' 4"

Weight 62 kg / 137 lb

Skin Tone



Medium-size teenager


Cause and Effect

Lieutenant Commander


Mother Rachel Cosgrove (deceased)
Father David Cosgrove, Dr. (deceased)

Special Notice

Biological and apparent age differ. See History.


Personal Profile

Traits, Quirks

Hates being in uniform, and would rather spend her time wearing civilian teenage clothing. Meda has a huge sweet tooth and will eat any candy that is in sight if she doesn't think anybody is watching. Constantly reminds people of her experience and her age, especially when she's been in the same situation before. Not a big fan of electronic entertainment. Demands the observance of all Federation rules and regulations.



בתחבולות תעשה לך מלחמה (Hebrew: "For by wise guidance you can wage your war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory).

  Interests Reading old paper bound books, playing chess, and meditation.


To live to the age of 2000 years old.



Reading, solitude, looking younger than she is since everyone always views her on normal human standards.



Looking younger than she really is, crowds, people treating her like a little child. Cardassians.



Can quickly analyse a situation, arrive at a course of action, and shows good tactical judgement. She will go out of her way to protect those dear to her. She also is very good at multi-tasking which makes her good at getting at lot of jobs done in a good amount of time.



Can sometimes be impulsive. Looks like a teenager. Due to her young behavior, she is still a bit naive and prejudiced.

  Limitations As with all Onlies, due to the fact that they are in teenage bodies, Meda is not allowed to handle any type of hand-to-hand combat, as such on any and all away teams, there must be a security officer present to function as a body guard for Meda. In addition, Onlies are not permitted to do true engineering, they can only work on computer programming.

Onlies may have had long service careers, but as they may have changed departments many times while serving, they have to take into account technology advances before jumping back into an old field again. As such for Meda, both Flight Control and Medical are more advanced than they were when she served in those departments and can not serve there any longer without considerable training.


Federation Standard, Onlies Slang, German, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, English, Klingon, Romulan, Vulcan, Cardassian, German, Trill


Personal History

Family Data

Meda grew up most of her life as one a society of children, with both of her parents dying in the 1960s when she was still a young child. She is an only child who due to her high age and youthful looks never really got close with anybody else from any other species in a romantic level, and as such the only family that she has is the other members of the same very slowly aging humans from her home planet.

  Pre Starfleet Dr David Cosgrove a member of the medical research staff for the life prolongation project and Rachel Cosgrove, a simple house wife gave birth to their only child in September 1959 in the family home in Seattle, Washington State, United States of America on the planet Earth (or so they thought it was as will be explained later on in this file) this child was originally named Michelle.

Five years after having having been born, Michelle Cosgrove witnessed the deaths of her parents and the rest of the grown ups on her planet, in the middle part of 1960. Over time the children who were the only people left alive, started to develop a proto-society where they played most of the time in what was called “foolies” but didn't do much of anything else.

After several hundred years of that, as the food supply on the planet starts to get depleted and as the child population starts dying as they slowly reach puberty, the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 under the command of legendary Captain James T. Kirk in his first year of his five year mission in 2266, discovered the planet which except for a very low population looked exactly like a decaying version of Earth in the 20th century, a planet which the population called Earth but the Federation eventually named FGC-347601 III, and the great Dr Leonard McCoy developed a cure for the life prolongation complex. After the entire population of the planet was cured of the deadly issues of the life prolongation complex, the USS Enterprise left the planet but it was quickly taken under the protection of the Federation who sent a team of specialists to provide proper medical attention, and education.

After five years of that, Meda was interested in the exploring new environments and meeting other civilizations, so she enlisted in Starfleet as she, due to her physical age and educational level, was not allowed to attend Starfleet Academy officer training. When she enlisted in Starfleet, she continued her normal studies and studied navigational studies for Starfleet, quickly becoming more than adequate in space navigation but also after learning the Starfleet rules and regulations she became very adamant on not only memorizing them but demanding a strict following of them by all around her.

Right after completing the enlistment training, Crewman Meda isolated herself from the crew of the USS Houston which she was assigned to, at first because they kept treating her not just as the new person on the ship, but like she was the teenager that she looked like, ignoring the fact that she was 314 years old at the time, then because she realized that after being around people who were close to her own age for so long, that being around the same people all the time when they are much younger than she is even though develop mentally they were much older than she was a challenge.

Secretly, she began studying Computer Technology through the New York University Electronic Studies working to slowly reach the same level of education that most of the officers who she was serving under already had. It was at that time that she also began showing that ever since she was on her home planet, which by then even she referred to it as FGC-347601 III, she was good with medicine and as such began studying that in the sickbay of the Houston on her free time as well mostly under the watchful eyes of Dr Larry Moses, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer.

In 2275 when Dr Larry Moses, was reassigned to the USS Albertson to serve as that ship's Chief Medical Officer, he quickly worked on getting Petty Officer 3rd Class both a promotion and a new assignment to the Albertson to serve at first as Corpsman Trainee and then finally as a Hospital Corpsman. There Meda started to get treated as an equal for her work while having people ignore her youthful features and she began learning how to make friends and connections with people, something that turned out to be useful as one of her friends from the Albertson, was assigned to the USS Juniors a few years later and worked to Petty Officer 1st Class Meda assigned to the ship as well.

After finally completing her degree in Computer Technology from New York University, after several years of studying, Meda began working to move over to the operations field while continuing her studies this time by using the Starfleet Service Members Opportunity College to study Criminal Justice.

By 2285 she wanted to have some sort of change in her career and finally when she was being offered a promotion, instead made the move to becoming an officer, thus becoming a lieutenant junior grade and the Deputy Chief Tactical Officer, knowing that she would not be allowed to serve as an actual Security Officer because she is still considered physically young for that job. Eventually she worked her way up to Chief Intelligence Officer and the Executive Officer of the USS Weber, but then when she was reminded that “grups” as she and others from FGC-347601 III call those who are “grown ups” can not always be trusted as the USS Weber dealt with a mutiny, one which lead to her being demoted back to the rank of Lieutenant as well as getting a letter in her file preventing her from holding command positions for the next fifty years.

After serving in various positions for some time, she grew to despise the Cardassians during the time of the Federation-Cardassian Wars as she lost several of the people she considered friends including the former commanding officer of the USS Weber. This lead to her being disenfranchised with Starfleet in 2370 leading to her joining the Maquis (File # Alpha-1-4-6-Bravo-Echo-Zulu-8-2-8)

In 2373, Meda returned to Starfleet service to be for a short time, due to her experience with the Maquis, assigned to the USS Bozeman, to serve a special adviser, an assignment that was cut short due to the Battle of Sector 001.

After serving during the time of the Dominion War, learning various things on battle stress, and maturing psychologically even more, she suddenly retired (File # Echo-7-3-7-Charlie-Foxtrot-Yankee-9-1-5), until she received orders to report to the USS Bismarck to serve as the ship's new Chief of Operations.

After a semi-successful recovery mission, she was demoted back to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and reassigned to the USS Posiedon as the Chief Operations Officer.




Federation Accelerated Educational Studies

  Starfleet Academy Enlisted program - major: navigational studies
  Starfleet Service Members Opportunity College Major: Criminal Justice
  New York University Electronic Studies - double major: Computer Technology, Abnormal Computer Programing


Medical Profile

Medical Report

Cleared for duty.
- Lt Cdr Martin Paulsen, CMO

Psychological Report

Cleared for duty.
- Lt Breaux, Counsellor


Service Record

Starfleet Academy

2271-2273 Crewman Recruit - Helmsman Trainee, Earth Campus


USS Houston

2273-2274 Crewman - Helmsman
2274-2275 Petty Officer 3rd Class - Helmsman

  USS Albertson

2275-2276 Petty Officer 2nd Class - Corpsman Trainee
2277-2277 Petty Officer 2nd Class - Hospital Corpsman
2277-2279 Petty Officer 1st Class - Hospital Corpsman


USS Juniors

2279-2280 Petty Officer 1st Class - Hospital Corpsman
2280-2280 Petty Officer 1st Class - Helmsman
2281-2282 Petty Officer 1st Class - Operations Trainee
2282-2283 Chief Petty Officer - Operations Technician

  USS Houston
2283-2283 Chief Petty Officer - Operations Technician
  USS Concord

2283-2285 Senior Chief Petty Officer - Quartermaster
2285-2285 Lieutenant Junior Grade - Deputy Chief Tactical
2286-2287 Lieutenant - Chief Tactical
2287-2289 Lieutenant - Chief Intelligence
2289-2291 Lieutenant Commander - Chief Intelligence

  USS Weber NCC-8994 2291-2293 Lieutenant Commander - Executive Officer
  USS Mexico

2293-2302 Lieutenant - Chief CONN
2302-2305 Lieutenant - Chief Operations
2305-2312 Lieutenant - Chief Intelligence

  Starfleet Academy 2313-2322 Lieutenant Commander Intelligence Instructor - Earth Campus
  USS Effective

2322-2337 Lieutenant Commander - Chief Operations
2337-2347 Lieutenant Commander - Chief Tactical

  USS Tecumseh

2347-2357 Lieutenant Commander - Chief Tactical
2357-2369 Lieutenant Commander - Chief Operations

  Civilian 2370-2373 Maquis
  USS Bozeman NCC-1941 2373-2373 Lieutenant Commander - Special Advisor
  USS Raptor
2373-2375 Lieutenant Commander - Chief Strat Ops
  Civilian 2376-2377 File Missing
  USS Raptor
2378-2379 Lieutenant Commander - Chief Operations
  Starbase 221

2379-2382 Lieutenant Commander - Chief Operations Officer
2382-2383 Commander - Chief Operations

  Civilian 2383-2385 Retired
  USS Bismarck
Sixth Fleet

2385-2385 Provisional Commander - Commander - Chief Operations Officer


USS Poseidon

2385 Lieutenant Commander - Chief Operations Officer
2386 Conn Officer

  USS Avalon
2386 Chief Conn Officer

Service History


Meda enlisted into Starfleet when she was 312, to explore other civilizations and meet new people. Due to her lack of formal education and youthful physique, when she was accepted, she only had one true position open to her, and that being Navigation Control. Other aspects of Starfleet held appeal to her but she was not allowed to train in them. Rather quickly though, she began displaying the proper skill set for navigation and quickly excelled in the area, having a knack for being able to identify when a vessel was off course by mere feet or inches.

During her second year of training, she was approached by one of her instructors, Captain Tigra Tigress who was about to launch the Miranda class vessel the USS Houston about the possibility of Meda serving as the Delta shift helmsman, an assignment Meda quickly accepted.

Crewman Meda completed training, 175th out of a group of 500 and was assigned to the USS Houston as expected. As she proved herself to Captain Tigress, she was promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class and moved to the Charlie shift.

The USS Houston would serve as her home and the launching point of a career she knew would last longer than most for only two years as she almost from the start began showing skill in the medical field which in addition to her having finally reached the normal educational level allowed her to be promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class and move on to the Excelsior class USS Albertson to be trained as a Hospital Corpsman. After being promoted to the rank of Petty Officer 1st Class she served on the Albertson until it was decommissioned in 2279.

After the decommissioning of the USS Albertson, Petty Officer 1st Class Meda was along with most of the crew from the Albertson, was assigned to the USS Junior. There Petty Officer 1st Class Meda served as a Hospital Corpsman for almost a year before returning to the Helm and then training to serve in ship operations. After completing her Operations training, she was promoted to the rank of Chief Petty Officer and was assigned the position of Operations Technician.

Shortly there after, a position as on the USS Houston opened up again and Chief Petty Officer Meda decided to return to her old ship, only to learn that you can't go home again, feeling more out of place on her second period of service on the ship then she did on the first run through that she had. As soon as she was eligible for promotion and reassignment, she moved to serve as the Quartermaster for the USS Concord at the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer.

Two years later, in 2285 when she was once again eligible for promotion, just a day after her 326 birthday, she decided to transfer over to becoming an officer and took the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and served as the Deputy Chief of Tactical, but as she kept getting reminded, even though she was a tactical officer, she was not a security officer as she was not physically able to serve in security. Then on new years day of 2286, after the passing of the Chief of Security by a surprise heart attack, she was assigned as the new Chief of Security. One year after that, she took the job as the Chief Intelligence Officer, at the request of the ship's former Chief Intelligence Officer who was himself being promoted to Executive Officer of the ship. It was there that she was first promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

In 2291 Lieutenant Commander Meda was selected to serve as the Executive Officer of the Miranda Class USS Weber, a position she worked to earn and prove her self in, sadly though, the assignment was not to last, as in the very early part of 2293 the Chief Security Officer, Chief Engineer and other officers on the ship held a mutiny and although she, the commanding officer, and many other loyal shipmates were able to get off the ship, a board of inquiry found Lieutenant Commander Meda guilty of not doing all that she should have done to try to prevent the mutiny from happening and as a result, she was demoted to the rank of lieutenant and a letter was placed in her file preventing her from having any command positions for the next fifty years.

She than served on the USS Mexico for the next 19 years in the positions of Chief CONN Officer, Chief Operations Officer and Chief Intelligence Officer, working to prove to herself, her commanding officer, and Starfleet that she was a great officer and that they made a mistake in the board of inquiry by finding her negligent of her duties.

After those 19 years, Starfleet decided to assign her a teaching job at Starfleet Academy as an Intelligence Instructor. She did that for 9 years, always trying to get an assignment on a ship, every chance that she could get.

Finally as conflict started to brew between the Federation and the Cardassian Union, she was able to get reassigned to the USS Effective originally as the Chief Operations Officer, but 15 years later as the ship's Chief Tactical Officer. Due to the extent of the Federation-Cardassian Wars though, the ship was eventually damaged beyond repair and the surviving crew from the Effective waited about two weeks for a new ship. While waiting, Lieutenant Commander Meda watched reports come in from several ships containing some of her closest friends who were being killed by the very dangerous Cardassians, all the while starting to grow disenfranchised with Starfleet due to their inability to battle another race.

Shortly there after the wait, Meda served on the USS Tecumseh for 22 years.

With the Federation-Cardassian Wars over, and even the Battle of Wolf 359 which the USS Tecumseh survived, Lieutenant Commander Meda was tired of ignoring what was in her mind the real enemy, and the murderer of her closest friends, the Cardassians, with the growing group known as the Maquis around and causing a problem in there being lasting peace between the Federation and Cardassians, the USS Tecumseh captured one known member, but Lieutenant Commander Meda attacked the security guards who were taking the prisoner in and escaped the ship with him. (File # Alpha-1-4-6-Bravo-Echo-Zulu-8-2-8)

[Declassified Addendum to Service Record (File # Alpha-1-4-6-Bravo-Echo-Zulu-8-2-8): Lieutenant Commander Meda defected to the Maquis as planned to serve as the operational informant on that organization. While it is known that she took part in several Maquis actions, her roll in them is pardoned due to the nature of her orders, and the fact that in following her orders, she prevented more actions and assisted in preventing the Maquis in many events that would have greatly prevented the fragile peace between the Federation and the Cardassian Union...Shortly after the alliance with the Dominion and the Cardassian Union, Lieutenant Commander Meda was recalled by Starfleet to both continue work on preventing major Maquis actions, but also to capture as many as could be discovered before the Dominion and Cardassian Union eleminates them all]

Lieutenant Commander Meda defected back to Starfleet from the Maquis shortly after the Cardassian Union formed an alliance with the Dominion. Right after that, due to her experience with the Maquis, she was assigned to the USS Bozeman as a Special Adviser, mainly to provide the expertise of knowing the Maquis style of planning. This helped prevent some Maquis actions and allowed for several hundred Maquis to be captured. Shortly after the assignment to the USS Bozeman though, the species known as the Borg returned to attempt to assimilate Earth. The USS Bozeman was damaged in the Battle of 001 and the ship was sent to dry dock.

Shortly after that, the Dominion War broke out and she was assigned to the USS Raptor, serving as the Strategic Operations Officer for two years, before --- agah aeaaghieg adogaet'i-a er-gi-0iga dfgj eajgargoagag aegoag agpoaeg 'aegade agj a egboajeth 9auw afb tpi avgaeg 8ae4adbh hjeog u9a dua df sga sgeer (File scrambled beyond repair and considered a total loss) which lead to Lieutenant Commander Meda's posting as the Chief Operations Officer of the Raptor.

From 2379 to 2383 she was assigned as the Chief Operations Officer of Starbase 221 getting a promotion to the rank of commander along the way. This would be her last assignment in Starfleet as she would put in for retirement in 2383.

[Declassified Addendum to Service Record (File # Echo-7-3-7-Charlie-Foxtrot-Yankee-9-1-5): Although Commander Meda retired from Starfleet, she agreed to return on a limited case to case basis depending on the assignment. The agreed ruling though was that should she return, unless she were to decide to make the assignment a permanent assignment, that she not have her commission totally reactivated, but instead use the provisional equivalent rank to what she had while she was serving. In addition, she also has a special uniform dispensation while serving under the provisional rank to wear any uniform that was ever in service while she was in normal active duty with that period's communication device.]

In 2385 Meda received a request to go to the USS Bismarck to serve as the Chief Operations Officer, even though she had previously turned down several other assignments, she took this one quickly. After a semi-successful recovery mission which proved that she is still not ready for command she was ordered to decide either to return to Starfleet as a commissioned officer or to leave Starfleet for good. Due to experiences with future versions of herself, since she knew that she was far from done with her Starfleet career, she accepted returning to her commission, only to be punished for her failure to properly command by being demoted back to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and being reassigned to the USS Posiedon as the Chief Operations Officer.

In 2386, along with a lot of Poseidon staff and the Poseidon CO, Meda is reassigned to the Farlong Reefs sector and the USS Avalon NCC 76262-A.



Player Awards


Service Ribbons

   6 months service ribbon
25 Posts Ribbon

6 Months Service Ribbon

25 Posts Ribbon



Mission Ribbons


USS Poseidon

Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
Winds of Change
Apple of Discord
Into The White
The Darkest Hour

Sim Awards

Conspicuous Service Cross
Cross of Distinction
Companion of Honour Award
Conspicuous Service Cross
Cross of Distinction
Companion of Honour

Transfer Awards


Purple Heart
Order of Meritorious Service
Sixth Fleet Cluster
Sixth Fleet Meritous Unit Citation
Purple Heart Medal
Order of Meritorious Service
Sixth Fleet Cluster x2
Sixth Fleet Meritous Unit Citation
Distinguished Service Order
Starfleet Star
Act of Distinction
Act of Kindness
Distinguished Service Order Medal
Starfleet Star x3
Act of Distinction x 4
Act of Kindness x2
Captain's Star
Cross of Distinction
Decoraton of Gallantry
General Service Medal
Captain's Star x3
Cross of Distinction x2
Decoration of Gallantry x2
General Service Medal
Honour of Excellence
Joint Service Achievement
McCoy Cluster
Medal of Honour
Honour of Excellence x3
Joint Service Achievement x5
McCoy Cluster x3
Medal of Honour x2
Citation of Valour
Legion of Honour
Marksmanship Ribbon
Cardassian Border War
Citation of Valour x2
Legion of Honour x3
Marksmanship Ribbon
Cardassian Border Wars Service Medal
Wolf 359
Maquis Conflict
Dominion War
Battle Sector 001
Battle of Wolf 359 Service Medal
Maquis Conflict Service Medal
Dominion War Service Ribbon
Battle of Sector 001 Service Medal