Lieutenant Commander Martin Paulsen, Chief Medical Officer

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Martin Paulsen



Place of Birth Earth, Caribbean, St Martin Island



Date of Birth 3 July 2354



Marital Status Single



Eyes Baby blue


1m91 / 6' 3"

Weight 82 kg /180 lbs

Skin Tone


Physique Tall and fit


Good build befitting his height, laid back and somewhat nonchalant


Mother Martina Paulsen - Marine Biologist
Father William Paulsen Geologist

Lieutenant Commander

Special Notice

In 2384, an accidental trip had Martin Johnson spend an estimated 9 months in an unknown location before being returned to the USS Swifsure where only 13 days had elapsed.

Personal Profile

Traits, Quirks

Listens to music while working. Whistles/talks to himself while studying a case. Occasionnally plays ethnic music from healing rituals while treating patients.



Swimming, diving, classical and ethnic music, dancing, collecting and playing instruments.



To write a treaty on sound-based therapies. To make a name, even a small one, as a composer.



Spicy food, outdoor activities



Being called "Mart" or "Marty", cutting his hair; not shaving for more than two days because it grows in patches and makes him look silly.



Above the average hearing, Aptitudes with languages and musical instruments



Stubborn and somewhat self centered due to being an only child



Neurosurgery, Perfect Pitch, Music Composition



Federation Standard, Dutch, French and basics in numerous others.


Personal History

Childhood and adolescence

Martin was born on a small Caribbean island and his childhood was mostly carefree. He contracted a skin desease during a holiday when he was 10. He had to spend months away from the sun and went bald for a year from the side effects of the treatment. He endured the jokes from his schoolmates, then grew long hair and endured more jokes. It taught him strength of character and to do what he wants regardless.

There was a tug of war between his father (geologist) and his mother (marine biologist) over his studies. For years he would spend half his holidays around mountains and volcanoes or even on the Moon with his father. Then he would spend the other half studying marine life with his mother.

After he left to study at the university in Florida, he didn't come home for a whole year. Upon his return, he announced that he had been studying medicine instead of science with a double major. This started an argument between his parents and he left home again. Later he understood that was the way they loved each other and visited more.


Medical School

At medical school, he tired quickly from the perceived lack of perspectives for himself on Earth. Medicine seemed so much of button pushing, yet he didn't fancy confining himself to frontier medicine on a colony, or plain research. A teacher advised him to join Starfleet. Martin didn't think he would like Starfleet and wearing a uniform, but he read through the papers written by numerous Starfleet physicians and was so excited that he decided to join.


Starfleet Academy

The first year was the hardest because he was introduced to many subjects he didn't know about, unrelated either to medicine or science. The next three years were not easy as there was a lot to learn about different species and Starfleet medical procedures. Counselors advised to have him do his residency away on the Moon, Mars and orbital stations. He missed the sea and the open air a lot then and was often homesick but finally adjusted. He asked to change the subject of his thesis after realizing the importance of sound on starbases and ships. This led him to take singing and music lessons.

Time passed so fast he was surprised to see Graduation day arrive. His first assignment was on the Galaxy class USS Saturn, under Captain Strazzco. The same year, he was promoted to Lieutenant JG and the position of ACMO. He turned the latter down, feeling on a large ship the position would eat away at his chances to further his medical studies. At the end of the year, he left to complete his specialisation as Neurosurgeon but declined to serve in a Starfleet hospital.

His specialization completed, Martin was assigned to the USS Swiftsure only to find himself abruptly bumped up to Chief Medical Officer. He left the ship in 2379 to develop his career further. When the news came that the USS Swiftsure was declared missing with all hands, Martin dropped everything and went home. Three years later the Swiftsure was miraculously back. Captain Chapman offered his the position of CMO again and he accepted in a heartbeat, leaving behind an excellent position at Starfleet Medical.

In 2385, Cmdre Paula Chapman Stark was reassigned to the USS Poseidon NCC-89515. Martin followed in her heartbeat along with the rest of the Senior Staff.

Early in 2386, Martin adopted two young alien orphans. Mid 2386 he accepted transfer to the USS Avalon NCC 76262-A, along with most of the core staff of the Poseidon.


Medical Thesis and Research

Paulsen wrote his thesis on the subjet of how Engineering personnel on certain starships develop syndroms misdiagnosed as separate symptoms. This is because of the particular mix of sounds they are exposed to daily. Environmental specialists claimed the sound factor was already taken care of and his study was faulty. Paulsen subjected himself and a group of volunteers to a number of experiments and proved his point.

Paulsen has also done a study about the many civilizations use ritual music for medecine. He collects these traditions and puts together samples for healing purposes. He sometimes uses them in Sickbay.


Medical Profile


Medical Report

Martin Paulsen is in better physical condition than the average non Security personnel, a fact he owes to a childhood of outdoor activities that he has kept up with to this day.

- Dr Jadelyn Kingsley, USS Poseidon


Psychological Report

Paulsen has a slightly obsessive streak when it comes to his hair, brought about by a childhood disease that forced him to go bald for several months. More importantly, his tendency to develop claustrophobia aboard starships is now well under control through a regular regimen of holodeck outings and an array of measures deployed in his office and quarters. The various traumatic events that occurred throughout his career have left some marks but no more so that can be helped. They are a part of his still ongoing personal growth.

His baby blue eyes are deceptive. They make him look younger and carefree, a fact he often uses when it suits him. He is a strong-willed individual, occasionally stubborn but his commitment to his work and patients is remarkable.

- Counsellor Alejandro Mateo, USS Swiftsure



General schooling

Earth, Saint Martin Island

Medical School Earth, Florida


Starfleet Academy and Starfleet Medical, San Francisco, Earth


Service Record

USS Saturn

Medical Officer, ACMO


USS Swiftsure

Medical Officer, CMO


Starfleet Medical

Head of a neurosurgery unit - Medical Instructor


USS Swiftsure

Chief Medical Officer

  USS Poseidon Chief Medical Officer

USS Avalon

Chief Medical Officer

Service Record

Player Awards


Service Ribbon

Service RibbonService Ribbon
500 Posts Ribbon100 Posts ribbon
5 Year Service Ribbons

600 Posts Ribbon



Mission Ribbons


USS Poseidon

Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
Winds of Change
Apple of Discord
Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
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Mission ribbon
Into The White
The Darkest Hour
Child's Play
New Voyages

USS Swiftsure

Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
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What We Leave Behind
Terror on Terra
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Inherit The Stars
Full Moon
Dark Veil
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The Hand Off
The Last God
A Matter of Time
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Yesterday's Swiftsure
Strange Bedfellows
Just the Artifacts Ma'am

Fleet Awards

6F Meritous Unit Citation
10910.18- 10809.02 - 61111.9

Sixth Fleet
Order of Meritous Service

Sixth Fleet Cluster
Sixth Fleet Academy Instructor Award &
Instructor Ribbon
Sixth Fleet Academy Instructor Award
Fleet Academy Instructor Ribbon

Sim Awards

Conspicuous Service Cross
Conspicuous Service Cross
Cross of Distinction

Captain Star

McCoy Cluster

Cross of Distinction

Legion of Honour

Citation of Valour

Dominion War Service Medal