Lieutenant Colonel Aloysius Stark, C.A.G / Third Officer

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Aloysius Stark



Place of Birth New Orleans, Louisiana



Date of Birth October 27, 2346



Marital Status Married to Paula Chapman-Stark



Eyes Blue


1m82 / 6' 0"

Weight 88 kg / 195 lbs

Skin Tone





Aloysius Stark maintains the physique of a man that exercises regularly. His uniform is always pristine and his boots shined. He is normally clean-shaven but has been known to sport a moustache and goatee from time to time.


Wife Paula Chapman Stark
Children Anna and Michael Chapman Stark

Father Jeremiah Stark
Antoinette Louvois - Stark
Lieutenant Colonel

Special Notice

In 2384, an accidental trip had Aloysius Stark spend an estimated 4 months on a Dyson Sphere before being returned to the USS Swifsure where only 13 days had elapsed.


Personal Profile


Equestrian, Grav-Ball


Stark wishes to teach some time in the future. His true goal is to become the Commander of the First Starfleet Marine Expeditionary Force.



Paper Books, Ancient Vulcan Poetry, Writing



Politics, alcohol



Stark still suffers some neurological effects from his injuries of a decade ago. His sense of taste is diminished and he is prone to muscle spasms if he does not exercise regularly. There is a drug therapy for this but he has refused treatment due to his dislike of substances that might diminish his performance, even for a short time.



Advanced Flight Training, Small Unit Tactics, Survival (All Weather), Advanced Weapons Training, Improvised Weapons, Boxing, Zero-G Combat, Kendo



Federation Standard, Vulcan, Klingon, Rihannsu


Personal History



Aloysius Bartholomew Stark was born to Jeremiah and Antoinette Louvois-Stark on October 31, 2346. His parents were both pilots flying cargo runs for Starfleet inside the Sol System. Stark took his first flight with his father when he was two years old. After this maiden flight for him he became a regular passenger when either of his parents had to make an in-system run. ‘Aly’ as his parents call him, started taking the controls by the time he was five years old and was a good pilot by the time he was eight. Stark had always been interested in Japan and started studying Kendo when he was ten.

His childhood was spent learning to fly and going to school. His parents bought him an old WWII era P-38 Lightning that he named Fujin after the Japanese god of the wind. He still has the plane at his family’s home in New Orleans though it remains in storage.


Starfleet Marine Corps

Stark took the Academy Entrance Exam at the earliest possible age and was admitted to Starfleet joining the prestigious Marine Corps. His times at the Marine Academy were some of the best of his early life. He made many friends and established several long-term friendships that he maintains to this day.

Stark graduated from the Marine Academy a 2nd Lieutenant and immediately was enrolled in Advanced Flight Training at Starbase 21. He flew with Thunderbolt Squadron becoming one of the top pilots in his class. Then Colonel Martin Hapscomb saw great potential in the 2nd Lieutenant and recommended him for the Advanced Survival Training Program at Starbase 17. On Adjani II Stark’s squad was caught in an avalanche and their instructor severely injured.

1st Lieutenant Stark found shelter for the squad and set out for the Marine Camp some eight kilometers away. He arrived and notified the Camp Commander of the situation. The squad was rescued and the instructor survived. Stark suffered mild hypothermia but was otherwise unharmed. Stark finished his training and moved on to the Advanced Weapons School at El Toro. It was at the end of his training here when the Klingon Empire attacked Cardassia and then Deep Space Nine before withdrawing from the Khitomer Accords.

Dominion War

Starfleet scrambled to assemble forces to hold the Klingons out of what now became disputed territory. Stark was assigned to the U.S.S. Georgetown and the ‘Flying Nightmares’ fighter squadron. The Georgetown was involved in several running battles with Klingon forces successfully defending several Federation Colonies. It was at the Battle of Galdonterre that Stark would commit a selfless act that would nearly cost him his life. With his fighter badly damaged Stark should have withdrawn from the combat zone but instead stayed and saved his wingman. The subsequent damage to the fighter caused it to catch fire. Both the fire suppression system and the ejection systems failed and 1st Lieutenant Stark was nearly burned alive.

When he regained consciousness, Stark was in a ward at Starfleet’s Johns Hopkins Burn Center, having been transported to the facility while in stasis due to his injuries. Stark had suffered burns over fifty percent of his body. Months of skin and muscle grafts followed by months of physical therapy saw the newly promoted Marine Captain regaining his strength and sense of purpose. Another devastating blow awaited him as his fiancée chose to leave him being unable to handle the hard truth of his career.

His parents stayed with him throughout the entirety of his rehabilitation once again illustrating the unquestioned love they possessed for their only son. Colonel Hapscomb also made himself to aide Stark in his physical therapy, pushing him to regain his abilities. The bond that had formed between student and teacher strengthened becoming a deep friendship. Two years after suffering his injuries Marine Captain Stark returned to active duty just in time to participate in the ongoing Dominion War. He was assigned to the U.S.S. Ranger fighting with the ‘The Bengals’ at such notable engagements as the Battle of Chin’toka and the final push to Cardassia.


The end of the Dominion War saw Stark promoted to the rank of Major and assigned as Weapons Specialist to the Grey Ghost Marine Recon Unit. His missions took him to Romulan Outposts along the Neutral Zone to observe the growing unrest between the dominant Rihannsu and the subservient Reman. His unit was assigned to the task force assembled to stop the RSE Scimitar’s advance on Earth.

He has gladly accepted the position of Detachment Commander aboard the U.S.S. Swiftsure, as the vessel’s new mission profile will take it into unexplored territory on the Federation’s edge. There he met and married Captain Paula Chapman on December 14th, 2383.

In January 2385 their children Anna and Michael Chapman Stark were born. Aloysius made a decision to undergo one more round of skin grafts, thus mostly erasing all surface traces of his accident. In may of the same year Paula and Aloysius were reassigned to the USS Poseidon where Aloysius was appointed as CAG. In the spring of 2386, his wife was offered a sector command of her own and the USS Avalon NCC 76262-A, a new class of starship equipped with Transwarp, became their home.



Medical Profile

Medical Report


Psychological Report





Standard Federation Education


Service Record


Marine Academy, Deneb System


2nd Lieutenant

Starbase 21, Thunderbolt Squadron - Advanced Flight Training


1st Lieutenant

Starbase 17 - Advanced Survival Training


1st Lieutenant

Marine Aerospace Station ‘El Toro’ - Advanced Weapons School


1st Lieutenant

U.S.S. Georgetown, MAS-213 ‘The Flying Nightmares’ - Klingon Theatre


Marine Captain

Starfleet Johns Hopkins Burn Center, Patient


Marine Captain

U.S.S. Ranger, MAS-224 ‘The Bengals’ - Dominion War



Starbase 101, Grey Ghost Recon Unit, Weapons Specialist



U.S.S. Swiftsure, Detachment Commander


Lt Colonel

U.S.S. Swiftsure, Detachment Commander / COS on stardate 60991.9


Third Officer

U.S.S. Swiftsure, Third Officer on stardate 10901.13

  C.A.G U.S.S. Poseidon, C.A.G (and 3rd officer) in May 2385


U.S.S. Avalon, C.A.G (and 2rd officer) in June 2386



Player Awards


Service Ribbons

3 year Ribbon
100 Posts Ribbon   50 Posts Ribbon
3 Year Service Ribbon

150 Posts Ribbon



Mission Ribbons


USS Poseidon

Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
Winds of Change
Apple of Discord
Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
Mission ribbon
Mission ribbon
Into The White
The Darkest Hour
Child's Play
New Voyages

USS Swiftsure

Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
Terror on Terra
Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
Inherit The Stars
Full Moon
Dark Veil
Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
The Hand Off
The Last God

Sim Awards




Conspicuous Service Cross
Medal of Honour
Captain's Star
Conspicuous Service Cross
Medal of Honour
Captain's Star
Honour Cross
Honour Cross for Distinguished Service
Cross of Distinction
Honour of Excellence
Joint Service Achievement Medal
Starfleet Star
Cross of Distinction
Legion of Honour
Honour of Excellence
Dominion War Service Medal

Fleet Awards

Sixth Fleet
Meritous Unit Citation
10910.18- 10809.02 - 61111.9
Sixth Fleet
Order of Meritous Service
Command School Ribbon