Sovereign class - NCC 89515


If you are interested in becoming a member of the U.S.S. Poseidon simulation, please look up the JOIN page for Sixth Fleet. As per the information given there, applications are to be directed to personnel (at) sixth-fleet (dot) com and should be answered within 48 hours.

Please CC your application to the Poseidon RPG's Game Manager at: stark (at) hyperjump (dot) org. This will ensure that the GM can keep track while it is processed by Sixth Fleet.

Open Positions as of April 4, 2010:

Commissioned Officer positions:
Chief Conn Officer (Bridge)

Deputy CAG (Aerospace) (Marine / Naval)
Pilot (Aerospace) (Marine / Naval)

Chief Operations Officer
Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Chief Engineering Officer

Deputy Chief of Security / Tactical (Naval / Marine)
Security / Tactical Officer (Naval / Marine)

Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Head Nurse
Assistant Counsellor

ALL departments: Officers

Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) positions:
Quartermaster (Bridge)
Boatswain (Operations)
Physician's Mate (Medical)
Scientist's Mate (Sciences)


Commodore Paula Chapman Stark
Game Manager


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