Sovereign class - NCC 89515

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Paula Chapman Stark

Paula Chapman Stark started her career as a fighter pilot and squad leader then branched out as Chief Conn then Chief of Operations. She chose the command path after the Dominion War. The USS Swiftsure NCC 26543 was her first command. Commodore Chapman Stark applies to her work the rigor of a war pilot, further trained in emergencies as Second Officer on a medical ship. Her command style has mellowed somewhat with use. She is married to Lt Colonel Stark (CAG). They have two children and adopted a young girl, Ryka, in 2386.


Played by: Nathalie

Position: Commanding Officer - Carrier Group One - USS Poseidon


Gordon is a Benzite. Formerly a Chief Science Officer, he became a First Officer on the USS Swiftsure and later transferred to the USS Poseidon with Commodore Chapman. Gordon is analytical, thorough and a sedate personality. He has developed a quiet sense of humour if he is still puzzled by his fellow crewmembers.


Played by: Joshua


Position: Executive Officer - Carrier Group One - USS Poseidon

Aloysius Stark

Aloysius Stark is the Third Officer and Commander of the Air Group. A well decorated Fighter Pilot and Marine during the Dominion War, he crashed and burned during combat. He still suffers from some consequences to this day. Aloysius Stark is an easy-going individual whose life revolves mostly around duty and family. He used to run the Marine Department on the USS Swiftsure. He is married to Paula Chapman Stark. They have two children and adopted a young girl, Ryka, in 2386.


Played by: Mark H.

Lieutenant Colonel
Position: Third Officer - C.A.G - USS Poseidon

UFP logo - Martin Johnson

Martin Johnson came late to a career in Starfleet. Following the tragic death of his wife, he made a decision to change his name and start a brand new life. Martin is a former teacher, in his early thirties. He had a kind, well balanced character but only those close to him know the details of his life prior to Starfleet. [ELOA]


Played by: Martijn

Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position: Chief Conn Officer - USS Poseidon

Meda holds one of the longest service records in history, though her youthful looks and springy demeanour belie her real age. She is a native of the second Earth discovered by James Kirk and the USS Entreprise towards the end of the 23rd century. After assuming the role of chief of operations on the Poseidon, Meda is currently refreshing her skills on the night shift as a Conn Officer.


Played by: Marni

Lt Commander
Position: Conn Officer (Gamma Shift) - USS Poseidon
Owen Hatch

Owen Hatch transferred from the USS Swiftsure where his last role as Marine DC XO had him become an officer, before which he was a Marine NCO (Staff Sergeant) and Squadron Leader. "Oppie" Hatch is married to Communication Specialist Gwen Carter Hatch. They have a daughter, Sarah Carter-Hatch.


Played by: John B.

First Lieutenant
Position: Chief Security Officer (COS) - (Marine)- USS Poseidon
Tammin Romalis

Tammin Romalis transferred from the USS Swiftsure. Lt JG Romalis was once the Swiftsure's ACOS before he decided to step down and further his training in Tactical. He is in a relationship with Nurse Avril Gallier. Tammin is half Betazoid through his mother, half Human through his father. His telepathic and empathic abilities are limited accordingly. He spent several years in Starfleet's Criminal Investigations Division.


Played by: Mallory

Position: Tactical Officer - USS Poseidon
James Dalton

James 'Keeper' Dalton had a long and seemingly uneventful service record on Earth when his grown up children then his wife were taken from him. Refusing to contemplate retirement, he changed tacks to serve aboard ships across the Federation. Found in stasis after an incident that erased several years of memories, he obtained reassignment to the USS Poseidon.


Played by: Jim

Position: Master At Arms (MAA) - USS Poseidon

MCPO Bru'kh

Bru'kh is a Tellarite. After a fruitful career and long years of service as an Academy Instructor on Earth, the Master Chief Petty Officer decided to come back to active duty and sought a position on the frontier.



Played by: Kreg

Master Chief
Position: Assistant Chief of Engineering (ACEO) - USS Poseidon
John Blake

John Blake grew up on a spaceship and went on to 'dabble' in advanced starship design before he decided to enlist, as a fast track way into Starfleet. His mind is never far from work. Though his profile is not typical for a Mate, the job gets done. Blake is more often than not working on side projects. He is married to Debra Blake, a civilian engineer previously contracted at Utopia Planetia, where they first met.


Played by: Giles

Chief Petty Officer
Position: Engineer's Mate (EM)

Ja'orr is a Caldonian scientist who travelled to Outer Perseus using cutting edge technology. The experiment was ultimately declared a failure by the Caldonian ministry of science and put on indefinite hold. Rescued by the USS Poseidon crew, Ja'orr was soon reassigned aboard. He lost a leg in the experiment.


Played by: Dan

Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position: Assistant Chief Science Officer
Podkayne March
Podkayne March was part of the crew of the USS Poseidon since the very first mission, that saw their catastrophic journey through a collapsing wormhole.

Doctor March is now hailed as the Physicist who conceived the Translift that allows personnel transfers between the Alpha Quadrant and Outer Perseus. She married Chance, the Fisherman's Wharf (crew lounge) owner late in 2384, after an ancient rite. Their son Colin was born in May 2385.

Podkayne was ACSO for a few months before she stepped down voluntarily. She is currently working on a special assignment as Intelligence Analyst and reports to the CO/XO.

Played by: Nathalie
Position: Science Officer - special assignment: intelligence analyst
Martin Paulsen

Martin Paulsen grew up on a small Carribean island. An open air lover, only a strong desire to take his career beyond the frontier keeps him aboard a starship. Martin did most of his career aboard the USS Swiftsure prior to following his CO to the USS Poseidon. Early in 2386 he adopted two young alien children, Nooni and Saraken.


Played by: Nathalie

Lieutenant Commander
Position: Chief Medical Officer (CMO) - USS Poseidon
Avery Breaux

Avery Breaux brings to the Poseidon crew all the experience of a seasoned ship's counsellor. He comes originally from the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana on Earth. Thoughtful and dedicated, Avery has a past of his own to deal with and is known to enjoy absinthe when off duty.

Played by: Mo


Position: Counsellor - USS Poseidon
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