U.S.S. POSEIDON: Departed Chars

Sovereign class - NCC 89515

* Some bios may be former chars or npcs thus linking to a variety of manifests.

Geoff Ashton

Geoff Ashton is the Second Officer and Chief of Operations. The better part of his career was done on the USS Swiftsure. Geoff is loyal and thrives for excellence. On his off time, he has been known to play guitar and sing in the main crew lounge. He is married to V'Zara, a Caitian officer on the USS Poseidon. They have four children.

Played by: Tim

Lieutenant Commander
Last position: Second Officer - Chief of Operations- USS Poseidon

Cait Homeworld - V'Zara

V'Zara is a female Caitian, daughter of the late R'Garlo, a member of the Caitian High Council. V'Zara started her career as a Command Yeoman before training for a commission as an Operations officer. She is a spirited individual dedicated to her duties. V'Zara is married to Geoff Ashton. They have four children.

Played by: Tarra

Last position: Assistant Chief Operations Officer - USS Poseidon
Miho Okawa

Miho Okawa did the best part of her career so far on the USS Swiftsure, where she steadily climbed up to the position of ACOS, under the Marine DC doubling up as Chief of Security. Upon transferring to the USS Poseidon, she has been put in charge of the whole Security department - not that she won't see green anymore: plenty of Marines there! Miho likes to practice archery and sabre on the holodeck. Remember to announce yourselves before entering...

Played by: Aimee

Last position: Chief of Security (COS)
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Robert Little Bear is a tall, impressive Blackfoot Indian. He is more naturally enclined to Life Sciences such as bilogy, ecology and botany. Bobby is generally a laid back sort who is easy enough to talk to. He is friendly and full of jokes. He is also known for his more quirky comments based around his religious beliefs. Due to his high rate, his rating is referred to as Master Chief Science.

Played by: Mitch

Master Chief
Last position: Scientist's Mate / Master Chief Science - USS Poseidon
External Bio

R'Garlo, Ryan, Finn and Alexandria Ashton are 4 year old half Caitian, half Human children.

Owned by: Tim and Tarra

Lance Corporal (po3)

Last position: children
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